Sponsorship Opportunities 2023

Program Descriptions

Please note most of our programs require the sponsor include an in-house counsel as a moderator or panelist.

We encourage you to invite a client to participate. However, in the event that a sponsor would like assistance in securing an in-house counsel to serve as a moderator or panelist, ACC Chicago would be happy to help the sponsor in locating an ACC Chicago member or other in-house counsel to serve in that capacity. Our experience is that this provides more meaningful content for our audience, along with another opportunity for sponsors to work more closely with our members.


(Available to Diamond Sponsors)

Signature Events are designed to provide Sponsors and in-house counsel attendees with a unique opportunity to interact over the course of several hours. The event combines valuable legal education, great social interactions, and an amazing day in a relaxed setting. The ACC Chicago Programs Director(s) will work with Sponsors to customize each event. Sponsors are only limited by their creativity. Examples of Signature Events may include: Spa & CLE, watch a legal movie followed by a panel discussion, CLE “at Sea” (Chicago River/Lake Michigan Boat Cruise with MCLE Program), or a dinner program with simulcast presentation and small group breakout/networking. In office Signature Events could include Community Service activities as their theme.

* Platinum and Gold Sponsors may combine their 1-hr. MCLE and their social event benefits to host a Signature Event


(Available to Diamond and Platinum Sponsors)
Half-day MCLE Programs are half-day events designed to provide in-house counsel attendees with 3 hours of substantive legal programming eligible for Illinois MCLE credit on one overall topic or a series of topics. Half-day MCLE Programs must include in-house counsel moderators or panelists. Half-day MCLE Programs take place in either the morning or afternoon and should include one meal for attendees. Sponsors may consider providing afternoon programs followed by an appropriate period for networking and hors d’oeuvres in lieu of a full meal.

Where these have needed to convert to virtual programming, we have exchanged the Half-Day for 3 One-Hour webinars. A series is encouraged.


(Available to Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors)
Dinner MCLE programs must include sixty (60) minutes of substantive legal programming eligible for Illinois MCLE credit and must include an in-house counsel moderator or panelist. A dinner MCLE program should include a full dinner, end no later than 7:15 p.m., and be preceded by a one-hour networking reception, unless the Programs Director(s) approve(s) an exception.


(Available to All Premier Sponsors)
Breakfast and lunch MCLE programs must include sixty (60) minutes of substantive legal programming eligible for Illinois MCLE credit and must include an in-house counsel moderator or panelist. The MCLE programs should include a meal and should not last longer than 1-½ hours (inclusive of the sixty (60) minutes of substantive legal programming).


(Available to All Premier Sponsors)
Premier Sponsors may repeat a MCLE program (in-person and/or virtually) subject to the following conditions:

    • For a program that is first presented in Chicago, the repeat program may be done in-person in a suburb or as a webinar.
    • If the initial program is in-person, the repeat program must be the same presentation (different topics are not permitted) and must be presented within the same calendar week. If both programs are webinars, they may be on different topics in the same week, for example, a series.
    • Regardless of whether the initial program is a lunch or dinner program, the repeat program must be consistent with your sponsorship level.

(Available to Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors)
Roundtables are an opportunity for sponsors to present a more targeted topic than a CLE presentation to a small group of in-house counsel who specialize in that area of law. These programs are intended to be a discussion rather than a lecture or presentation, and MCLE credit is not provided. The typical roundtable discussion includes 2-3 sponsor attorneys and 5-15 in-house counsel. A roundtable is often held in a sponsor’s office and may include a boxed lunch or other refreshments provided by the sponsor.


(Available to Diamond and Platinum Sponsors)

For the 2023 Sponsorship Year, ACC Chicago is pleased to offer a new opportunity for Sponsors to connect with our members during a structured CLE program. In-house counsel attendees will receive up to 4 hours of substantive legal programming eligible for Illinois MCLE Diversity, Ethics, Wellness or Substance Abuse credits.

This half-day program will consist of 3 or 4 panels, each hosted by a Diamond or Platinum Sponsor. Panels must include in-house counsel moderators or panelists. The program will take place in the afternoon before the Summer Soiree. Event expenses (venue, food and beverages) are included in the sponsor fee.

Diamond sponsors will have the first choice of topic. Venue is chosen by the Chapter. Each Sponsor may have up to four panel participants, at least one of which must be in-house, plus two additional attendees.


(Available to Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors)

ACC Chicago facilitates regular Social Events in the Chicago-land area. These events are casual and typically include food and beverages, but may include other activities. Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors are invited to host a unique social and networking event to meet and network with our members.

ACC Chicago’s social and networking events can be very popular and successful programs. Interactive events, such as cooking classes, service activities, ping pong and other table games, are particularly well received.

Social Event expenses (venue rental (if applicable), food and beverages) are included in the sponsor fee (up to $3,000) and may be enhanced at the Sponsor’s option and cost.

Diamond sponsors will have first choice of location and date. Specific venue is chosen by the Chapter, in consultation with the Sponsor. Raffle prizes are permitted (Sponsors may collect member contact information for such raffles).

In lieu of a networking/social event, Platinum and Gold sponsors may combine their networking/social event with their one-hour MCLE for a unique Signature Event.


(Available to All Premier Sponsors)

With the success of our 2022 Summer Soiree, ACC Chicago has adopted a similar format for the 2023 In-House Counsel Celebration Event. This event is to celebrate our members and sponsors. It is an opportunity to network, socialize and enjoy a unique experience.

Past events attracted more than 600 members and guests. The 2022 event was a garden party theme and was held at Mae District featuring networking, a string quartet, photo booth and specialty food and beverage. The evening also includes a presentation of the Chapter’s Thurgood Marshall Award of Excellence and a Member of the Year Award.

ACC Chicago reserves the right to modify the structure and scheduling of this event.

Premier Sponsors will receive recognition as ACC Chicago Sponsors and tickets as noted in the chart on the Premier Sponsorship Opportunities page. ACC Chicago may select an Annual Event coordinator, who may or may not be a Sponsor, to assist with the event logistics and materials and ACC Chicago shall have the right to recognize such coordinator.


(Available to Diamond and Platinum Sponsors and as an Individual Sponsorship Opportunity)

This event features a full day of MCLE programming, along with breakfast, lunch, and a reception, as well as numerous networking opportunities for members and sponsors.

Please note the topics of the MCLE programs presented at the Summit will be selected by ACC Chicago to promote topics of most interest and value to our members.

For the Summit MCLE sessions, sponsors must comply with the following conditions:

    • Panels must be composed of no more than four panelists (including a moderator, if applicable) and one of the panelists must be in-house counsel.
    • Each sponsor may have two members of its organization attend the full day Summit. (No more than six people total, including the in-house panelist, per sponsor may attend the Summit during the day and the reception at the end of the day.
    • Each sponsor will receive recognition in marketing materials for the Summit and will be permitted to distribute promotional items, raffles or other nominal giveaways at the Summit. MCLE sponsors’ sessions will be 0recognized on advertisements and materials.
    • MCLE session sponsorships are limited to law firms; however, consideration may be given to other organizations which can provide significant educational content which meets MCLE requirements.
      ACC Chicago reserves the right to modify the structure and scheduling of this event.
      The sponsorship fees for the Summit are only for sponsorship rights. Summit sponsors will not incur additional venue or food charges (other than any necessary hotel arrangements and travel expenses for Sponsor personnel).

(Available to Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors)

Platinum and Gold Sponsors have the opportunity to host an ACC Chicago Board meeting or present to the Chapter’s Board of Directors (may be held virtually).  Sponsors are invited to share information about their firms or particular practice areas. For in-person Board Meeting hosts, we ask sponsors to provide a light/working dinner for the Board members in attendance.


(Available as an Individual Sponsorship Opportunity)

ACC Chicago conducts an award-winning program with Street Law, Inc. through which ACC Chicago member volunteers lead engaging legal workshops in Chicago and Northwest suburban public high schools in an effort to encourage diverse, underserved high school students to explore legal topics, role play and develop interest in legal careers.

In connection with the Street Law program, Sponsors may elect to sponsor the Chicago or Northwest suburban program which would include multiple opportunities to engage with our membership.

Sponsors will host a training session for ACC Chicago member volunteers, participate in classroom visits with our member volunteers and host (or subsidize) a one-day conference with our member volunteers and students. Both opportunities involve providing facilities for the conference in Chicago or the Northwest suburban area and a box lunch. Food and beverage costs are included in the sponsor fee.

This program is a great way to demonstrate your firm’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and make a meaningful impact in the lives of these high school students.


(Available to Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors and as an Individual Sponsorship Opportunity)

ACC Chicago conducts a Diversity Summer Internship Program, which has been a model for other ACC Chapters, and places first-year law students in Chicago-area in-house legal departments to introduce students to the practice of law from an in-house perspective.

In addition, the program offers both individual and group mentoring programs focused on the “soft” and other skills critical to success in today’s professional world Diversity Summer Internship Sponsors will have the opportunity to host a social event, volunteer event, and/or career development seminar with the interns and in-house counsel from host corporations.

Sponsors may have attendees at these events. Food and beverage costs are included in the sponsor fee.


(Available to all Premier Sponsors and as an Individual Sponsorship Opportunity)

ACC Chicago is committed to serving our community and develops and hosts a number of exceptional pro bono and community outreach programs throughout the year. While several are offered as “traditional” programs, we are always interested in new opportunities and appreciate our sponsors’ various commitments to pro bono, community outreach and diversity programs. All Premier Sponsors will have an opportunity to share their pro bono and community outreach opportunities in which ACC Chicago members can get involved. The Chapter will also periodically feature on its website pro bono or community activities hosted by Premier Sponsors open to the membership.

New for 2023 we are offering Individual Sponsorships of Pro Bono events.


(Available to Premier Sponsors or as an Individual Sponsorship Opportunity)

Sponsors have the opportunity to provide their podcast content for distribution to ACC Chicago Members on the Chapter’s podcast platform.  Podcasts can be on substantive legal topics or other legal developments.  Podcasts provide our sponsors with a platform to engage our members through expert input and engaging storytelling.


It should be noted, as provided above, that there are a few remaining one-off programs to which ACC Chicago has previously committed that may be periodically scheduled during the Program Year. In addition, we may from time to time agree to co-sponsor events with other organizations whose purposes are consistent with the goals and values of the Chapter, in accordance with established guidelines. However, sponsors of one-off events will not be recognized as 2023 ACC Chicago Sponsors and will not receive the full package of sponsorship benefits.

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